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Playing with new brushes/working on business cards for my job

Some thoughts about sleeping/charging situations in robo au. The Bots all have a charging room- Jimmy sleeps in a cot in the corner of his lab. Since the Bots only ‘sleep’ for about 30 mins, getting to sleep can be… tough. Especially when he lives with a bunch of robots that can be like rambunctious cats. But, he doesn’t really know how good he has it with the whole ‘comfy pajamas, bed, etc’ thing. He’d rather charge.

Also, trying to figure out how I want FeOD to play out in robo au… Either it’s a mechanical thing that hacks robots via eyebeam, or Jimmy’s zombified and it takes the team basically months to notice. 

Doodle requests from twitter tonight

Some doodles

nyan neko sugar girls fanart

Whoops I love Fargo a LOT. Also I read the Ms. Marvel comic today and it is INCREDIBLE, please check it out!

and also playing a little with a new brush

and also playing a little with a new brush

Playing around with some coloring methods 

Poor Jimmy’s basically a glorified babysitter in robo au. Well, and in like, main canon and everything too. 

Edit: Forgot to mention! This is based off  a prompt from mysterymaybe about MCBC being absolutely fascinated with facial hair, and trying to recreate it with metal scraps. Stealing Bones’ steel wool hair is close enough, right? 

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That’s right, folks! It’s another Tumblebats/Tumblrbats contest, this time with help from the cool dudes at Toddland!

So let’s lay down the rules!

  1. Reblog and like to enter! Feel free to reblog as much as you want, but just know that only one reblog is going to show up on our notes.
  2. We’ll pick a randomly selected winner on 7/20!
  3. No reblogging for contests only blogs
  4. Following us isn’t necessary, but we sure would appreciate it!

The prizes offered are as follows, one winner takes all!

  1. Some amazing Aquabats stickers by Jex!
  2. Some awesome Aquabats wristguards by Jex!
  3. Some custom stickers that I’ll draw, and Jexis will make! 
  4. An amazing plush by Jett!
  5. A $25 credit for Toddland merch!

Good luck, everybody!

I was (am still) taking suggestions for robo au drawings, and beanmug suggested ‘Human Jimmy has a cold, and robots make him a soup’. Poor Jimmy’s determined to work on his report even though he’s super sick. 

Poor Jimmy isn’t cut any slack from the team in any AUs

Hi, I really loved the BH6 trailer

Drawings from the stream. You uh. Kinda had to be there.

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I mean, for him.