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So uh pardon how scribble-y this is but I was struck with inspiration and wanted to post this right away- This idea is going to seem really stupid (Esp to longtime fans) but I kinda… h had some ideas about the powers and personalities of The Sandfleas! So I wanted to share my headcanons, if that’s cool!! I’ll post more drawings w/ each char later.

So The Sandfleas have been the Bats’ enemies for years! They’re a team of jerks. There’s either four of five of them depending on who you ask. So um, basing off the assumption there’s five-

Mel- Leader of the gang. Has to deal with these morons all day. Has a bone to pick with The Commander! He tries to be a leader with plans but trying to get The Sandfleas to pull of a plan is like trying to herd cats.

Breath- He can breathe out poisonous gases! This also means he’s exposed to his own poisonous gases, so half the time he’s stumbling around in a daze and walking into things. The physically weakest member of the group.

Fang- With the power of biting things! He’s the youngest and really really obnoxious. He likes to chew on things- Furniture, expensive electronics, pillows. Basically, don’t leave the guy alone in a room with something you like because you will come back to it covered with teeth marks. 

Spodie/Fish- Okay, so this is where things get interesting. Apparently Fish isn’t a member, but they mention him a lot. And ‘Spodie' is a type of alcoholic drink, so we were like 'Well Spodie's kind of a weird name, maybe he drinks so much everyone calls him Fish and he doesn't bother to correct them at this point'. His powers would be altering chemicals in one's body on physical contact. 

Bubba- Finally, Zero and I noticed one Sandflea only had one eye (check the back seat) and we were like woah cool! So we were like ‘well maybe he’s a telepath’ or something because… I  guess having one eye makes you telepathic! Anyway he’s got a huge ego and only has one eye and has to sit in the back all the time and generally dislikes Mel and the fact that he’s not leader. Sort of mirrors the thing on the site that talks about Bones and The Commander butting heads?

So, yeah! They’re a dangerous bunch of guys, but since they can never really pull their act together enough to be dangerous, they’re mostly just obnoxious. Hope this doesn’t all sound stupid! 


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