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Remember when I did Aquabat Crossing? Some friends inspired me to continue to do more chars for it, so here’s some Aquabat Crossing Pastbats! I think Chainsaw and Adam are my favorites from this set, aha

Edit: Headcanons I forgot to tack on!

Adam’s visiting royalty. He likes to sell rare items to fund his travels from town to town, but has a small little tower by the beach he camps out in sometimes.

Tito sometimes travels with Adam, but he mostly likes to hoof it on his own. He’s a master in the stalk market and has bells a plenty b/c of this. 

Professor built Jimmy! (Catboy helped) He also helped to fund the town library. Now no one knows where he is, but there are rumors of a mysterious lab sometimes found at night in the city…

The Mysterious Kyu often visits, leaving perplexing riddles to the villagers before giving them one of his mystic items. He then likes to float away in the river. No one’s really sure exactly what kind of species he’s supposed to be.

Catboy used to be The Professor’s assistant, but now he travels from town to town with Chainsaw as security guards! Sometimes they settle down in MCBC’s town to protect it! They mostly sit around by the gate talking about what they would do if they /did/ see a criminal, though.

Chainsaw is the other town guard! Sometimes he tries to run for Mayor against MCBC. His campaigns never really work out for some reason or another.

Le Pigbat! (Yes I know it’s wrong on the picture) He shows up for festivals. There are rumors he isn’t even a pig! Or a bat. 

And Doctor Rock! He sells medicine in town to sick animals. Often spotted jogging around town.


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